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passionate的enthusiastic区别是什么?passionate的enthusiastic区别:1, 两者都有热情的,热心的意思,但是passionate比enthusiatic的意思更加广泛

英语当中表示“短暂而热烈的恋爱”是用哪个单词?_百度crush 英文里有个词,叫crush。如果查字典,它会告诉你,这是“压碎、碾碎、压垮”的意思。后来我到了美国,才知道它作为名词,

热情的用英语怎么说啊?热情 n.warmheartedness adj.enthusiastic adv.warmly {热情}五笔码=rvng

在英语学习过程中,有哪些书籍让你醍醐灌顶?for this book, I would like to unreservedly and enthusiasticaly recommend to all English learners

请求英文翻译啊~!!急急急!!!to them first.And you can knock the door of communication when you treat other people with complaisant and enthusiastical

我想请各位帮忙`帮我把一段话翻译成英语`急!!!I have my own dreams to pursue. I can't stop at any harbor now.The most important thing for me to do is work hard

warm的翻译是:什么意思adjective 暖warm, genial 温暖warm 热情warm, enthusiastic, fervent, enthusiastical, warm-hearted 温warm, lukewarm 热烈warm,

求欧亨利得中英介绍Although some critics were not so enthusiastic about his work, the public loved it. O. Henry was born William Sydney Porter in

常见的英语形容词有哪些?1、品质形容词,表示人或物的品质,如:He's the happiest man on earth.他是地球上最快乐的人。Th

求助几个英语单词~急!抒情的 [简明汉英词典]lyric 动感的 [简明汉英词典]innervative 欢快的 [简明汉英词典]bright 激情的 [简明汉英词典]enthusiastic

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